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Our School Agreement

We have just finished creating and signing our 2013 School Agreement. The School Agreement is an integral part in the teaching and learning philosophy at Clifton Terrace. Staff, children and parents use this agreement to guide them in their day to day actions and thinking.

Staff and students work together and contribute their ideas on what sort of place they would like CTMS to be. They choose together what actions they would like to see to ensure their vision is achieved.

This year our visual to accompany the statements was a collaborative artwork of outlines of each student's hand. The students created designs on their hand outline with symbols and patterns that were unique to them and CTMS.

We launched our 2013 School Agreement with a celebration afternoon of singing, presenting the statements and artworks and of course we had cake! Parents, grandparents and extended whanau from our school community joined us to celebrate.



We love keeping in touch with past students and celebrating their achievements. Congratulations to:

Jessica Godfrey (author / coffee guru) for international recognition of her Coffee Skills and Knowledge and being named an International World Barista Championship Cert Judge. Also for writing the must-have coffee making guide "How to make Really Good Coffee".

Bret McKenzie (Really talented funny guy - Flight of the Conchords)
for his 2009 Emmy Nomination for Best Comedy Series.
2012 Academy Award for song 'Man or Muppet'
(image from Flight of The Conchords)

Antonia Prebble (Actress - Outrageous Fortune) who won the award for 'Performance by a Supporting Actress in General Television'
at the 2008 Qantas Film and Television Awards.
(image from
Outrageous Fortune)