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CTMS ‘Green Geckos’ Top Tips for Caring for the Environment

The students at Clifton Terrace Model primary school really care about our environment. We have adopted a care code of little things that we do at school, called our A’Green’ments. The ‘Green Geckos’, our Enviro Group, have come up with a list of ways that every person can help protect the environment. You might find something on this list that you can do to help! Every little bit counts!



Reuse your plastic bags.

Compost your organic waste or put it in a worm bin.

If you have any clothes you don’t need and you don’t want, don’t throw them out, sell them or give them away instead.

Put your rubbish in the right bin, recycling or organics or general waste.

Don’t litter, throw your rubbish in a bin.

If you see litter anywhere, please pick it up.

Reuse paper if you want to draw again.

Use reusable bags instead of plastic bags.

Reuse plastic bottles.

Recycle paper and newspaper.

Reuse scrap paper and reuse plastic covers.

Use biodegradable plastic instead of normal plastic.



Turn off the TV when you’re done.

Turn off the computer at the end of the day.

Please turn off the lights when you leave the room.

Instead of taking a car, you can walk.

Turn off the switches at the wall when you’re done.

Turn off the heater when you’re not in the room.

Turn off your DVD player when you’re not in the room.

Read a book or play a board game instead of watching TV.

Get solar panels to make your own energy.

Do not leave your ipod on.

Wear warm clothes instead of using a heater.

Take shorter showers to save energy.



Wash your car on grass so the soap suds don’t go down the drain because it could harm fish and sea life.

Use a bucket to wash your car.

Don’t have a bath every day.

Take a shorter shower.

Turn off the tap while brushing your teeth.

Only use a little bit of water when you do the dishes.

Make sure the tap is completely off when you are done with it.

Rinse dirty plates and glasses in a bowl of water, not under the running tap.

After you wash the dishes, you can use the grey water to water your plants instead of fresh water.



Don’t throw glass or rubbish on nature.

If you have a worm farm, make sure you keep the worms happy by giving them organics, but not feijoa, citrus, paper or big pieces of meat.

Use only a little bit of dishwashing liquid because it can be toxic.

Reduce the load in the boot of the car if it’s full because it will make the car use less petrol.

Use the window instead of the air con because the air con uses more fuel.

Use the car less, or cycle, scoot, run, or skateboard, or take the bus to stop pollution.

Don’t put rubbish down the drain it could kill the fishes.

Share a car ride with a friend.

Plant native trees and water them when the soil is dry.

Grow your own food.

Be aware that sometimes animals need to cross roads to get food or go to their nest so make sure you don’t run them over.

Take care of animals.

Plant trees.

Stop cutting trees.

If you see an endangered bird or animal that is injured, help it, and take it to a vet.

Put a bell on the cat.