School Charter

Clifton Terrace Model School (CTMS) is a, small, full primary school (years 1-8) situated about a 10-minute walk to the Wellington central business district. The size of the school means that pupils are generally known throughout the school, and our teachers are resourced to ensure every pupil receives an education focused on quality. We strive to be innovative, versatile and successful in all that we do, from the warm, welcoming environment to the approaches of our teaching and learning to our partnership with families in the CTMS community. 

As a model school we contribute to the training of student teachers, and the school and community benefit from our ongoing commitment and contribution to teacher training. 

For example, our teachers are required to be excellent teachers themselves and to keep up to date with current teaching tools and techniques. This commitment also means that our students have the opportunity to learn from a structured range of teachers within the confines of a familiar environment. This latter benefit is consistent with our feeling that learning is enhanced when everyone has the opportunity to work with a variety of children and adults.

Shared decision making and shared management are fundamental philosophies of CTMS. In alignment with these philosophies is the school’s co-principalship model, which we believe fosters an environment of teamwork and cooperation. Our philosophy also extends to the pupils: our effort demonstrates to pupils the benefits of a collaborative approach to making decisions; in addition, the teachers and pupils collaboratively draft an annual school agreement.

Finally, we believe all CTMS pupils should be encouraged to realise their own intellectual, social, physical and creative potential.  To this end, we encourage our pupils to take responsibility for their own behaviour and learning, and we focus our learning and development opportunities to teach self-confidence, leadership skills and group co-operation. The success of our aims is evident as we travel out of CTMS to take advantage of what city has to offer. When our pupils are out and about in Wellington, they are recognised, and often receive compliments, for their pleasant and caring, dispositions, self-management (i.e., good behaviour), curiosity, and intelligence. We are proud of the fact that our pupils understand how they should conduct themselves in different situations and that they are comfortable expressing their curiosity and demonstrating their intellectual abilities.  Overall, these successful outings provide evidence that we are achieving our mission and our vision.