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CTMS is a Schoolgen School committed to educating our students about energy efficiency. We also produce our own electricity! We have 6KWh of solar panels operating.

Our CTMS Schoolgen Lead Team is a group of positive and enthusiatic students interested in energy efficiency. They work together as a team to monitor our energy efficient practices and action new learning in the school.

In 2013 CTMS was the first New Zealand Schoolgen School to be awarded the Super Solar Bronze Award. Check out our 2012 Annual Schoolgen Report (PDF file below) to see what we did to achieve the award.

This year (2014) CTMS was the first school in New Zealand to achieve the Schoolgen Silver Super Solar Award. 

CTMS Schoolgen Blog


Peko the Helpful Pukeko

The video below is the story of Peko the Helpful Pukeko who helps his friends to understand what the environmental effects of non-renewable energy sources have on our Earth. Peko introduces his friends to renewable energy sources and shares some great energy efficient ideas to help create a more sustainable environment.

We created this video to put on our school website to help educate and inform our community and others about the importance of using renewable energy sources.

The video was filmed during one morning at CTMS. The first video is the trailer we launched at our Schoolgen Super Solar Bronze Award. Below that is the full length video.


Schoolgen Solar Oven Challenge 2013

CTMS students have launched into learning about solar ovens. We had a solar cooker demonstration to support research and exploration about key design features of a solar oven. We are excited about the challenge and looking forward to designing and creating our own solar ovens. below is a video from our exploration experience with a solar cooker....the sun was shining and the food was delicious!


 Schoolgen 'Mean Green House' Competition 2012

This year CTMS Schoolgen Lead Team have learning to  design a cutting-edge energy-efficient house which uses solar energy as effectively as possible. We had 4 teams that worked collaboratively to design, and then build, a scale model of an energy-efficient house.

Below is our video entry submitted to Schoolgen for the 'Mean Green House' Competition.