The CTMS Community believes that:

·The whole of the school benefits from the provision of a happy and welcoming environment

·The school should strive to be innovative, versatile and successful

·An effective school is achieved through a partnership of teachers, children and their families

·Open communication is essential

·All children should be encouraged to realise their own intellectual, social, physical and creative potential

·As well as having a solid foundation in numeracy and literacy skills, children need to be taught a broad curriculum

·Learning is enhanced when everyone has the opportunity to work with a range of children and adults

·Children need to take responsibility for their own individual behaviour and learning

·Children need to develop self confidence and leadership skills

·Individuality and group cooperation are both important

·It is important to respect people and property

·The school benefits from and has a significant contribution to make to, teacher training

·Shared decision making and management is a fundamental philosophical value of the school


Our School Agreement

The School Agreement is an integral part in the teaching and learning philosophy at Clifton Terrace. Staff, children and parents use this agreement to guide them in their day to day actions and thinking.

Staff and students work together and contribute their ideas on what sort of place they would like CTMS to be. They choose together what actions they would like to see to ensure their vision is achieved.

This year our visual to accompany the statements was a collaborative artwork of outlines of each student's hand. The students created designs on their hand outline with symbols and patterns that were unique to them and CTMS.

We launched our 2013 School Agreement with a celebration afternoon of singing, presenting the statements and artworks and of course we had cake! Parents, grandparents and extended whanau from our school community joined us to celebrate.